The toilet partition walls system EXXE includes custom-made toilet cubicles, which dimensions are in compliance with the drawings
The main colours of toilet cubicles are white, light grey, yellow, light green and blue. Micro-laminated wood chipboard “Ultripo Kristall”, which is moisture-resistant, combustion-resistant (e.g. putting out a cigarette), resistant to mechanical damage and surrounded by a framework, is used in the walls of toilet cubicles. The special legs of the cubicles are made of acid-proof stainless steel. The handle is a knob-handle (wooden or metal) together with a latch or the lock Primo 1968. The partition walls can be installed easily and quickly. The EXXE wall system can be fastened to concrete, gypsum, wooden, etc. walls and floors. It is possible to produce all the partition walls in accordance with the customer’s dimensions, but there are also recommended standard dimensions.