Introduction of EXXE Shower Partitions
The shower partition walls systems EXXE are divided into two classes:  EXXE LUX and EXXE, which are custom-made and, which dimensions are in compliance with the customer’s drawings.
Shower partitions are made of moisture-resistant plastic (Makrolon Longlife) or laminated or tempered glass resistant to mechanical damage.  EXXE LUX is assembled with 8 mm laminated or tempered glass, which has been fixed with the relevant aluminium clamps. The shower partition EXXE is assembled with an aluminium frame, whereto a 6 mm plastic or tempered glass has been installed. All patterned glasses are laminated. The shower partitions include special legs that fix the location of the partition in the floor, but do not penetrate the waterproofing of the floor. The shower partitions can be installed easily and quickly. EXXE shower partition system can be fastened to concrete, gypsum, wooden, etc. walls and floors. All the shower partition walls can be produced in accordance with the customer’s dimensions, but there are also recommended standard dimensions.